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Dacarr - the world's largest collection of interiors and accessories from recycled rubber from tires and tubes from scooters.

From October 1st 2015 Danish Muubs A/S has taken over our Dacarr collection. Please have a look at their website for more information www.muubs.com



Get inspiration on how you can use dacarr products here.

Show product page for: Cushion for dogbasket
Cushion for dogbasket

DKK 89,00
DKK 125,00
canine cool

Large dog basket including black pillow. Cover is removable and can be washed as can inner cushion.
This dog basket is a Dacarr product: World's largest collection of interior products for the home and garden, handmade from recycled tires.


Small: Ø50-60 cm x 19 cm high
Large: Ø65-75 cm x 19 cm high

Each dog bed is unique because they are handmade. Easy to keep clean: just rinse in the shower. With this basket your dog is well protected from draft, and yourself from dog hairs all over the place. Finally your dog will not gnaw this dog basket, as often happens with baskets of fabric, wicker or leather.
Perhaps the ideal dog bed!
Lastly, for the worried ones: Used car tires are approved by the Danish Authority of the Environment for use in kindergartens for swings and other toys.

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Show product page for: Dacarr log baskets
Dacarr log baskets

DKK 199,00
DKK 299,00
eco-friendly tyre basket
The Dacarr ® basket is the perfect firewood basket of recycled tires. Crafted by hand according to ancient tradition - with a design adapted to modern living. Rugged, dense and strong, with two sturdy handles with double rivets. Also useful newspapers and magazines, or to plant in. Do not settle for a cheap, poorly made copy when you can get the original. 
XL: Ø50 x 40 cm high (out of stock, available from May)
Large: Ø50 x 30 cm high
Medium: Ø40 x 29 cm high
SAVE 33%
Show product page for: Dacarr rubber basket
Dacarr rubber basket

DKK 149,00
DKK 169,00
eco-friendly and functional

The classic dacarr rubber basket in Giving & Living's renowned, high quality, and with dual-riveted handles. Use it for example for magazines and newspapers, toys or as a paper/waste basket.

It can also be used outdoors for summer flowers or herbs, or for gardening work.


Low: Ø 38 x 18 h cm

Medium: Ø 40 x 30 h cm
SAVE 12%
Show product page for: Triangle vases
Triangle vases

DKK 100,00
DKK 299,00
set of to
Set of 2 triangular rubber vases. Handmade recycled rubber from scooter tube.
10-12 x 22,5/28/32,5 h cm
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Show product page for: Large rubber vase
Large rubber vase

DKK 199,00
DKK 299,00
recycled rubber
SAVE 33%
Show product page for: Floor vases
Floor vases

DKK 375,00
DKK 599,00
two large sizes
Super cool Dacarr rubber floor vases, made of excess plastic tubes wrapped with recycled rubber tube from scooters. Available in two sizes:
Ø 17,5 x 50h cm
Ø 21 x 39h cm
The tall vase can also be used as umbrella stand.
SAVE 37%
Show product page for: Soft travel bag
Soft travel bag

DKK 825,00
two sizes
Super cool travel bag made ​​of recycled rubber tube from motorcycles and. Funky orange lining and four practical inner pockets and an exterior pocket for your cell phone, passport and tickets. Bag size can vary depending on whether you close the snap locks or not. The bag comply with the standard cabin luggage measures.
Design: Helle Grangaard.
Size: 68 x 23 x 46h cm
Size: 50 x 21 x 32h cm
Show product page for: Travel bag
Travel bag

DKK 549,00
DKK 799,00
with two large pockets
Great travel bag in black heavy nylon and recycled rubber from motorcycle tube. The bag has two large outside pockets for your computer, shirts, etc., and two smaller pockets for the little things. The bag comes with a luggage tag.

The bag can be used as hand luggage and it meets the international cabin measures.
Design: Helle Grangaard.
SAVE 31%
Show product page for: Sports/travel bag
Sports/travel bag

DKK 775,00
super cool
A super cool sports and travel bag with four good inner pockets. Strong black nylon combined with recycled rubber from motorcycle tube.
Design: Helle Grangaard.
55 x 24 x 40 cm
Show product page for: iPad/tablet cover
iPad/tablet cover

DKK 69,00
DKK 159,00
recycled tube
The cover is made of soft motorbike tube and lined with thick nylon, with strong velcro closure. It has a good stability and protection while at the same times makes you look good with an eco-friendly touch.
27,5 x 0,7 x 23h cm
SAVE 57%
Show product page for: Oval toiletries case
Oval toiletries case

DKK 100,00
DKK 225,00
Oval toiletries case in soft recycled rubber tubes from scooters and motor cycles. The bag is lined with nylon and several rooms. It is available with three different zipper colors. Ideal for travel purposes.
L19, 5xB15xH10, 5 cm.
19,5 x 15 x 10,5h cm.
SAVE 56%
Show product page for: Toiletries case
Toiletries case

DKK 225,00
Awesome toiletry bag with stylish nylon lining. Inside pocket and straps for example, toothbrushes or makeup brushes etc.
Soft and strong rubber from bicycle tube. Ideal for traveling. Choose from five different zipper colours.

28 x 12 cm x 12h
Show product page for: Dacarr pots
Dacarr pots

DKK 69,00
DKK 129,00
use indoors or out
Dacarr pots for plants - looks very cool with plants such as orchids, catus or olive trees.
The pots are also suitable as paper basket or for storage of toys and bath accessories.
Small: Ø23 top x 24 high
Medium: : Ø26 top x 26 high
Large: : Ø28 top x 28 high
SAVE 47%
Show product page for: Dacarr cylindrical pot
Dacarr cylindrical pot

DKK 59,00
DKK 115,00
suitable for plants and candles
Rubber pot. Can be used for storing candles, for plants or in the bathroom.
Size: approx. Ø15 x 17h cm.
SAVE 49%
Show product page for: Dacarr mug
Dacarr mug

DKK 39,00
DKK 65,00
pencils or kitchen tools
Rubber cup, can be used for the washing-up brush or utensil, or use it on the table for pencils.
The Dacarr collection from Giving & Living is the world's largest collection of rubber baskets, pots and jars made of used tires.
Available in 3 sizes.
SAVE 40%
Show product page for: Dacarr bowl
Dacarr bowl

DKK 69,00
DKK 99,00
three sizes available
Bowl of rubber. Can be used for many things both the bathroom, the kitchen, the utility room, etc.
The Dacarr collection from Giving & Living is the world's largest collection of rubber baskets, pots and jars made of used tires.
Available in 3 sizes:
Ø 20/25/29 x h 10/12/14

SAVE 30%
Show product page for: Square dacarr basket
Square dacarr basket

DKK 179,00
DKK 199,00
multiple purposes
Handmade square basket of recycled tyre.  The basket is perfect for storage of bathroom accessories. It can also be used for storage of magazines, CD's and DVD's.
Small: 28 x 28 x 12h cm
Medium: 34 x 34 x 15h cm
Large: 37 x 37 x 18h cm
SAVE 10%
Show product page for: Cylinder dacarr containers
Cylinder dacarr containers

DKK 229,00
DKK 279,00
for storage of long items

Ideal for all those high items that easily fall. Makes even great use as a waste basket

small: Ø25 x 35h cm
medium: Ø30 x 40h cm
large: Ø36 x 45h cm

XL: Ø42 x 48h cm

SAVE 18%
Show product page for: Small dacarr basket
Small dacarr basket

DKK 149,00
DKK 165,00
Low Dacarr® basket with handles. Decorative and practical with your favourite herb. Also ideal in the bathroom for shampoo and conditioner.

38 Ø x 15 cm high

SAVE 10%
Show product page for: Dacarr medium gummikurv
Dacarr medium gummikurv

DKK 199,00
DKK 299,00
for summer flowers
The classic dacarr basket can also easily be used for plants. Do you want to plant directly in it, we recommend that you always fill with 1 / 3 lecan nuts to provide sufficient drainage. Moreover, it is a good idea to make extra drainage holes so water can run out.
Medium: Ø40 x 29 cm h
Large: 50mm x 30 cm h
SAVE 33%
Show product page for: Dacarr garden basket
Dacarr garden basket

DKK 250,00
DKK 375,00
with pockets for tools
Practical basket for your work in the garden. Rubber bin with 5-6 pockets. Hand-made from recycled tires. Choose from a basket with cross strap or with two handles.  

Dimensions: Ø40 x 29 cm

SAVE 33%
Show product page for: Dacarr tub
Dacarr tub

DKK 100,00
DKK 175,00
many sizes
Rubber jars in a beautiful rounded shape.
Great for plants or for storage - lots of possibilites.
Come in 6 sizes:
Jar 1: Ø 21x 31 cm height
Jar 3: Ø 28 x 31 cm height
Jar 4: Ø 30 x 31 cm height
Jar 5: Ø 33 x 31 cm height
Jar 6: Ø 36 x 31 cm height

SAVE 43%
Show product page for: Dacarr barrel
Dacarr barrel

DKK 375,00
DKK 489,00
laundry, firewood, toys
Large rubber barrel in great shape and very roomy. Robust and suitable for firewood, larger plants, posters, laundry and outdoor toys such as scooters, roller skates etc. Two strong handles so it is easy to move around.
Available in three sizes:
Ø 44/47/50 x 62h
SAVE 23%
Show product page for: Dacarr waste basket
Dacarr waste basket

DKK 99,00
DKK 129,00
various sizes
Rubber pot are also suitable as paper basket in the office, bathroom or childrens room. Get them with handles in sizes as described, or in a set of 3:
Small: Ø23 x 24 cm high
Medium: Ø26 x 26 cm high
Large: Ø28 x 28 cm high
SAVE 23%
Show product page for: Candle holder
Candle holder

DKK 59,00
DKK 69,00
rough look
Cool candle holders for tealights with heavy glass insert that can be washed in a dishwasher. Perforated recycled rubber from scooter tube that provides a cool and chic look. They can also be used outdoors.
Ø 7,5 x 9,5 cm
SAVE 14%
Show product page for: Mobile case
Mobile case

DKK 39,00
DKK 99,00
practical and strong
Mobile case with necklace. Handsewn of recycled rubber. Choose from three different tread colours, and if you want it plain black or with star decoration on one side.

12,5 x 8,5 x 0,5 cm
SAVE 61%
Show product page for: Oval rubber basket
Oval rubber basket

DKK 199,00
DKK 399,00
Oval rubber basket / case. Super sturdy and strong. Ideal for firewood or to carry empty bottles inOr you can keep it in the car's trunk, so you always have a handy shopping bag at hand.


56 x 28 x 30h cm

52 x 26 x 27h cm

48 x 24 x 25h cm

SAVE 50%
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